Spent Coffee Ground Recycling

The world consumes over 10 million tons of coffee every year. This figure amounts to 1.4 billion cups served every day! This is a huge amount of waste and we estimate that over 95% will be trucked to landfills, where it can increase the acidity of the surrounding soil and cause harm to plant and animal life.

The average cafe spends $900 annually to cart these grounds away to a dumpsite. Our process will instead use this waste to generate delicious mushrooms while converting the waste into ideal soil for farmers. 

These spent coffee grounds have a far better future being converted to gourmet mushrooms instead of worm dung! We feel this is a Sound Idea. 

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Launching in 2019!

Would you like to participate?

You don't have to be a restaurant or a top end cafe to be apart of the program. Not only is there public access, but the opportunity to collect money for the waste you bring!

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