About Us

Can you hear them now?

We love Fungi. Studies have recently proven an ancient adage that mushrooms are rather cognizant beings. They respond to music and can grow faster and fuller with a little Johnny Cash.

Closer to Humans than Plants

Mycelial DNA is rather unique, but unlike plants, they do not emit oxygen (O2) as they grow. Instead, they respire CO2 as they breath. The network of mycelium is oddly similar to the neuronal network of your brain. Could it be possible we are part Fungi?

Our Story

We are passionate about the potential for mushrooms, not just on your plate, but working with us to grow plants, to break down garbage, to heal the landscape, to provide a treatment for many illnesses. One of the reason I became interested in mushrooms was to feel better and to purge my body of toxins.

After I had my first cup of coffee in late 2018, I was stunned by the shear waste of the coffee grounds.. 1.4 billion cups are consumed every day. That's over 40,000 tons of garbage that's land-fllled. One man's trash is another man's mushrooms. Let's keep the narrative going and educate people on the benefits of mushrooms. They may end up saving the planet.